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Sketchbook Project

Borders and lines

I’ve been working away on a Art House Sketchbook Project piece, with the theme Borders and Lines. I knew once I selected the theme that I was going to deconstruct… Continue reading →

Forks and spoons

  I signed up for the 2012 Sketchbook Project, choosing the theme “Forks and Spoons.” Unlike last year’s sketchbook, “Make Mine a Double,” which had a narrative focus,

Make mine a double

I was among the 28,000—yes, you read that right—who signed up to take part in Project Sketchbook, a national creative effort sponsored by the Art House Co-op in Brooklyn. I… Continue reading →

2011 Sketchbook Project experiments in media

I signed up for Art House’s Sketchbook Project a few weeks ago, and was disappointed, like many others, with the thinness of the paper in the Moleskine sketchbook that participants… Continue reading →

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