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Old country

My paternal grandfather emigrated from Calabria, Italy, to Canada, and then to Buffalo, NY in the early 20th Century. At 28, he married my grandmother, who was all of 14… Continue reading →

Fits any machine

My Mom had some truly neat retro packaging (well, it wasn’t retro to her!). Included in the stash I acquired was a box with a darning foot that trumpeted its… Continue reading →

In some circles

About a year ago, I started using the Aeropress coffee maker, which comes with small circular micro-filters. Ever the packrat for possible collage use, I began collecting the used, dried… Continue reading →

Not suitable

It started with a strip of selvage and was nurtured by my abiding skewed sense of humor. Over the summer of 2012, I attended the Arrowmont School for the first… Continue reading →

All dogs go to heaven

Well, this week there was bad news and good. The bad news: I couldn’t sleep Monday night. My mind was racing with all the things to worry about regarding my… Continue reading →

Work in progress: Doggie heaven

I caught the embroidery bug at Penland, so when I saw that the Art League School was offering a two-Saturday workshop to make a fiber sculpture, I quickly signed on…. Continue reading →

Fun with paper quilting

If you’re like me, you buy lots of crafts books with good intentions of doing the projects within. They are kind of like porn for crafters, don’t you think? Well,… Continue reading →

Merry Christmas

This year, the creative urge hit me around the time I began considering what Christmas cards to send out this year.

Embroidering your past

I’m sure that Mom was looking down from heaven last summer, asking “So, now you’re going to take up feminine things?”

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