On Christmas Day 2015, I uploaded my final piece in my 100 Days of Patterns Mashups, a fabric collage incorporating a Christmas tree. Technically, it was the 101st piece, completed as a nod to a friend who nudged me to complete my effort in The 100 Day Project when my initiative had flagged due to the mental and time demands of a new job.

When the holidays gave way to cold, bare January and February, I stopped creating every day. My new job as a user experience designer was making me stretch. I was having a hard time getting into a new schedule and handling a longer commute, even though it was only three days of the week. Time just seemed to slip away, and by the time I got home, cooked, ate and cleaned up, it was well after 8 pm. Creative projects got put on the back burner in favor of zoning out in front of the TV or trying to get through at least SOME of the newspaper.

Yet I felt vaguely unmoored. After 100—well, 101—days of creating, it had become part of my life, and not doing something was leaving what felt like a big hole. I had to do something new!

For some reason, I’ve always been attracted to the circle, and I love the energy of the markmaking in my sketchbooks. So I settled on a theme of Circles/Lines. After a week, I felt like I was laboring and I wasn’t sure why. Then I realized that the theme, while helpful in providing a loose umbrella, was too vague. Too much decision-making was being left for every evening: Paint? Collage? Drawing? Size? Format? Taking a cue from fellow create-a-day artist Kathleen Warren, I decided that I’d focus on a more narrowly defined series within a theme, and get all my materials together at once. So for the past 10 days, I’ve drawn from a more limited palette of materials and color range to produce the Good Earth series of Circles/Lines.

3 collages using circles and lines

Using a limited palette of colors and papers, I’m exploring the theme Circles/Lines

3 collages exploring circles and lines
You can follow the whole series on Instagram through the hashtag #circleslinesproject.