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Reimagining architecture

If there are consistent threads in my art over my adult life, I’d say they include an obsession with pattern, a love of color, and an affinity for geometric minimalism…. Continue reading →

The best-laid plans…

In anticipation of a painting and collage workshop with Holly Roberts at Arrowmont, I pinned, printed, jotted down ideas in a sketchbook, and otherwise tried to plan ahead. I was… Continue reading →

Kick in the pants or a time-stealing monster?

In 2015, I completed my first 100DayProject, an Instagram-based creative initiative launched by The Great Discontent and Elle Luna. I started well into it, and finished well after the official… Continue reading →

Circles-Lines: The freedom of structure

On Christmas Day 2015, I uploaded my final piece in my 100 Days of Patterns Mashups, a fabric collage incorporating a Christmas tree. Technically, it was the 101st piece, completed… Continue reading →

What I learned in 100 days of creating

Committing to creating every day is in some ways like taking marriage vows; sometimes, it’s about the partnership, not about either of the partners. And that can be a very… Continue reading →

Patterning by the rules

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered the work of Andrea Way, and became mesmerized by detail, use of color and — given my logical bent — the idea of… Continue reading →

All that jazz

I’ve been really digging into the whole concept of combining sewing, fabric, paper, and ephemera into collage. In fact,

Sketching with thread

Last summer, I took a fabric collage workshop at Penland. I made friends with another student, who has a fabulous studio in Churchville, VA, where she dies her own fabrics,… Continue reading →

Art of improvisation

You can accomplish a heck of a lot using toothpicks, India ink, transfer paper, and paper scraps, as I found out in an encaustic painting workshop.

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