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Raise a glass to…linoleum block printing

I’ve been interested in linoleum block printing for quite some time, since getting some luscious books on printmaking techniques, including Printmaking + Mixed Media by Dorit Elisha. Earlier this month,… Continue reading →

Tropical shoes

I did this print in 2001. It was originally a black monotype, but at the request of a friend who liked the design but also loved color, I applied washes… Continue reading →

A girl’s dating guide to running and screaming

Remember Melissa Bank’s book about falling in love, Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing? Well, my helpful advice book is A Girl’s Guide to Running and Screaming. Its advice is… Continue reading →

Merry Christmas

This year, the creative urge hit me around the time I began considering what Christmas cards to send out this year.

Nunzilla, Aretha, and other Polaroid character studies

A few months ago, Polaroid sounded the death knell for its instant cameras. But thanks to John Reuter’s class at Penland a few summers ago, I got to play around… Continue reading →

Have a seat…

One summer in the late 90s, I signed up for a one-week printmaking workshop at Oxbow, the summer art colony outside Saugatuck, Michigan, with Holly Greenberg. A dynamo of a… Continue reading →

Not with the stars — dance with the shoes

Over the years as I have taken various art workshops, I have learned how to short-circuit my internal editor. You know, that peckish creature inside your head that shoots down… Continue reading →

Broken hearts

The maternal side of my family has bad heart genes. My mother and nearly all of her seven siblings suffered from premature cardiovascular disease and highly elevated cholesterol levels. My… Continue reading →

Tapping into your life

In the early 1980s, while living in Chicago and making my living as a medical writer, I found myself looking for a different way to spend my vacation time. A… Continue reading →

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