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Fabric and Stitchery

What I learned in 100 days of creating

Committing to creating every day is in some ways like taking marriage vows; sometimes, it’s about the partnership, not about either of the partners. And that can be a very… Continue reading →

Old country

My paternal grandfather emigrated from Calabria, Italy, to Canada, and then to Buffalo, NY in the early 20th Century. At 28, he married my grandmother, who was all of 14… Continue reading →

Fits any machine

My Mom had some truly neat retro packaging (well, it wasn’t retro to her!). Included in the stash I acquired was a box with a darning foot that trumpeted its… Continue reading →

In some circles

About a year ago, I started using the Aeropress coffee maker, which comes with small circular micro-filters. Ever the packrat for possible collage use, I began collecting the used, dried… Continue reading →

Not suitable

It started with a strip of selvage and was nurtured by my abiding skewed sense of humor. Over the summer of 2012, I attended the Arrowmont School for the first… Continue reading →

May flowers

In my ongoing experiments with free-motion sewing, I started playing around with a piece of scrap fabric with a spring green palette. I attempted to sketch some shapes in pencil

Sketching with thread

Last summer, I took a fabric collage workshop at Penland. I made friends with another student, who has a fabulous studio in Churchville, VA, where she dies her own fabrics,… Continue reading →

Remembering green

Now that it’s heading into winter, I’m longingly remembering the lush green foliage at Penland, NC this summer. This piece developed from experiments taking rubbings of leaves onto polyester scraps.

Imagined spaces

I find that having some type of structure helps rather than hinders my creativity: Work within a restricted color palette, use a select set of papers or fabrics, use only… Continue reading →

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