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Reimagining architecture

If there are consistent threads in my art over my adult life, I’d say they include an obsession with pattern, a love of color, and an affinity for geometric minimalism…. Continue reading →

Who needs a canvas?

Don’t tell Home Depot, but those big juicy paint swatches make most excellent grounds for quick paintings. I am a color fanatic. I can recall as a child spending hours… Continue reading →

The best-laid plans…

In anticipation of a painting and collage workshop with Holly Roberts at Arrowmont, I pinned, printed, jotted down ideas in a sketchbook, and otherwise tried to plan ahead. I was… Continue reading →

Kick in the pants or a time-stealing monster?

In 2015, I completed my first 100DayProject, an Instagram-based creative initiative launched by The Great Discontent and Elle Luna. I started well into it, and finished well after the official… Continue reading →

Art imitating life

Life imitates art. How many times have you heard that phrase over the years? Well, after I sustained a sprained knee playing basketball a couple of weeks ago, that phrase… Continue reading →

Circles-Lines: The freedom of structure

On Christmas Day 2015, I uploaded my final piece in my 100 Days of Patterns Mashups, a fabric collage incorporating a Christmas tree. Technically, it was the 101st piece, completed… Continue reading →

What I learned in 100 days of creating

Committing to creating every day is in some ways like taking marriage vows; sometimes, it’s about the partnership, not about either of the partners. And that can be a very… Continue reading →

Exploring the color spectrum via collage

Back in August, I was visiting a dear friend in Vidalia, Ga. (yes, the end of August is the ideal time to head to the Deep South!). I brought my… Continue reading →

Old country

My paternal grandfather emigrated from Calabria, Italy, to Canada, and then to Buffalo, NY in the early 20th Century. At 28, he married my grandmother, who was all of 14… Continue reading →

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