Detail from Borders and Lines

Borders and Lines

I’ve been working away on a Art House Sketchbook Project piece, with the theme Borders and Lines. I knew once I selected the theme that I was going to deconstruct the sketchbook …continue reading »


Patterning by the rules

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered the work of Andrea Way, and became mesmerized by detail, use of color and — given my logical bent — the idea of using an algorithm to guide creation. …continue reading »

Final stage of Not Suitable

Not suitable

It started with a strip of selvage and was nurtured by my abiding skewed sense of humor. …continue reading »

Retro button necklace and jewelry

All buttoned up

Last year, I bought bags of retro buttons for a project making felt and button brooches. Well, my interest ran out long before my supply of buttons did. …continue reading »

Collage of photo and newspaper images


Having recently finished reading Cut & Paste, I got an itch to try my hand at collage. As I am discovering, a key to collage is being able to …continue reading »

Collage of artichoke and brush eraser heads

Walking the walk

This is the first piece in my dead-tree newspaper collage series, sparked by reading Cut & Paste: 21st Century Collage. In early September, …continue reading »


May flowers

In my ongoing experiments with free-motion sewing, I started playing around with a piece of scrap fabric with a spring green palette. I attempted to sketch some shapes in pencil …continue reading »


All that jazz

I’ve been really digging into the whole concept of combining sewing, fabric, paper, and ephemera into collage. In fact, …continue reading »

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