The Chicken or the Eight

Exploring the color spectrum via collage

Back in August, I was visiting a dear friend in Vidalia, Ga. (yes, the end of August is the ideal time to head to the Deep South!). I brought my blank sketchbook from Project Sketchbook and some pencils with me, and originally I was thinking …continue reading »

Lucy and Vincent circa 1930s?

Old country

My paternal grandfather emigrated from Calabria, Italy, to Canada, and then to Buffalo, NY in the early 20th Century. At 28, he married my grandmother, who was all of 14 at the time. This mixed media piece is in memory of them.

Fits any

Fits any machine

My Mom had some truly neat retro packaging (well, it wasn’t retro to her!). Included in the stash I acquired was a box with a darning foot that trumpeted its ability to fit in any sewing machine. …continue reading »

Detail of In Some Circles

In some circles

About a year ago, I started using the Aeropress coffee maker, which comes with small circular micro-filters. Ever the packrat for possible collage use, I began collecting the used, dried filters. …continue reading »

Detail from Borders and Lines

Borders and Lines

I’ve been working away on a Art House Sketchbook Project piece, with the theme Borders and Lines. I knew once I selected the theme that I was going to deconstruct the sketchbook …continue reading »


Patterning by the rules

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered the work of Andrea Way, and became mesmerized by detail, use of color and — given my logical bent — the idea of using an algorithm to guide creation. …continue reading »

Final stage of Not Suitable

Not suitable

It started with a strip of selvage and was nurtured by my abiding skewed sense of humor. …continue reading »

Retro button necklace and jewelry

All buttoned up

Last year, I bought bags of retro buttons for a project making felt and button brooches. Well, my interest ran out long before my supply of buttons did. …continue reading »

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